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What is Eco-Friendly Pest Control


Eco-Friendly Pest Control Bradenton

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Bradenton: Organic pest control approaches are generally less environmentally destructive, and less hazardous to non-targeted insects, mammals, and aquatic life. … A benefit to the “no-spray” approach of control is that helpful bugs have the very best chance to establish populations in your garden and do the work for you.

Many individuals nowadays are concerned about their influence on the environment where they live and work. They are consuming natural food and using natural cleaners, and likewise seeking out other natural and natural products for their home. Consumers are likewise looking for services for their house that are environmentally minded. Amongst these services, one that is getting a lot of attention nowadays is more safe pest control for the home, in addition to the workplace. With more people, looking for this kind of service, some progressive bug management business have reacted by offering more environmentally friendly pest control services.

In the pest control market, there are few business who provide a “genuinely green” pest control service while some others claim to offer “environment-friendly pest control,” “natural pest control,” “chemical totally free pest control,” “environmentally mindful pest control” and “organic pest control.” Since none of these terms is well specified, a fantastic degree of variability exists in how different companies analyze the terms and how it translates to the service that you are acquiring.

Sounds puzzling? We understand. Let us discuss the distinctions listed below so that you can make a better-informed choice about whether to pick a green pest control service for your home.

Green (or Organic) Pest Control

The terms “Green” or “Organic” indicates that the service being acquired is based upon non-chemical measures and the use of naturally happening pesticides. Based upon this point of view, to provide a really “green” pest control service, only those items that come from “earth-based products such as borates, desiccant dusts such as diatomaceous earth and silica, or botanical insecticides and pesticides categorized in classification 25b by the EPA (EPA exempt materials) can be utilized. The EPA does not manage products in Category 25b, which usually include vital oils from plants. While these EPA exempt items may efficiently kill insects on contact, they do have their restrictions and may not deal with relentless insect issues considering that they have little to no residual effect on bugs. Products that fulfill the requirement for EPA Exemption (Category 25b) are listed here.

Depending upon your particular bug concern, some popular important oils utilized for house pest control include:

Green Pest Control NJ

Image: Peppermint oil is an excellent natural insecticide.

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Spearmint: spiders, ants, roaches, centipedes, aphids, fleas, ticks, beetles, gnats, caterpillars, lice, nits, silverfish, moths, other flying bugs.

Cedarwood: aphids, lice nits, moths, slugs, snails.

Lemongrass: fleas, ticks, no see ums, mosquitoes, biting flies, chiggers.

Lavender: chiggers, fleas, ticks, flies, lice nits, silverfish, mosquitoes, moths.

Sage, Thyme or Oregano: chiggers, beetles, flies.

Tea Tree Oil: centipedes, fleas, no see ums, flies, & other bugs

Lemon, Orange (or other citrus): fleas, ants, roaches, lice, nits, biting flies.

Litsea Cubeba: fleas, mosquitoes, gnats

Vanilla extract: centipedes, no see ums, mosquito, biting flies.


Eco-Friendly Pest Control Bradenton



Environmentally Conscious Pest Control

When we speak about ecologically conscious pest control, this typically consists of non-chemical measures and the sensible usage of low toxicity pesticides however is not always limited to chemicals that are naturally occurring or EPA exempt (Category 25b). This methodology includes making use of low toxicity pest baits along and other low toxicity and reduced-risk materials used as required to deal with particular locations, to target the bug.

What should you try to find when thinking about a “green” pest control service?

The first thing you ought to do is to examine the bug management business’s website to guarantee that they are placing the service as green (instead of simply hearing about it from a sales representative). Second of all, you need to certainly ask the pest control business about what their green or organic pest control service suggests to them and specifically what kind of techniques and products are utilized to control insects. Typical treatments such as bifenthrin granules which deal with common insects in the yard such as fleas and ticks and also utilizing Demand.015% on the property are while low in toxicity, are not naturally occurring and are not classified as reduced-risk pesticides, and are absolutely not “green.”.

The bottom line is before you employ a green pest control business, make sure to thoroughly investigate business whose marketing uses completely non-toxic, natural, natural, safe, environment-friendly, or chemical-free pest control. Make sure to visit their sites, checked out customer reviews, and if possible speak to a next-door neighbor who may have currently purchased a green pest control service for their house. These services can be an excellent alternative to standard pest control house services, but you might also require to deal with lower bug control thresholds where you may see more bugs from time to time.

It’s that time of year again here in Portland; the days are getting warmer and longer … and droves of bugs and insects are appearing in backyards, gardens, and homes throughout the city.

Thanks to our lush insect-friendly environment, it can feel like a continuous battle to keep insects away and avoid them from harming your residential or commercial property– especially throughout the spring and summer season. So, when confronted with a severe infestation, frequently the very first response is to use a strong chemical pesticide to quickly ruin the issue.

Here’s the truth: utilizing extreme pesticides around your house threatens. It’s far better to take an environmentally friendly method. Using eco-friendly techniques to manage pests in the house is safer for you, your household, and your animals. It’s also more effective.

Keep reading to find out the really incredible benefits of environmentally friendly pest control techniques and why this green approach ought to constantly be your very first response to a bug problem.

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The Problem with Pesticides

Over 1 billion pounds of chemical pesticides are used every year in the United States. This is extremely unnerving thinking about pesticides are shown to trigger a variety of environmental and illness.

Environmental Impact of Pesticides

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Bradenton

Even when pesticides are used to a little area they’ll travel beyond this location through the air, soil, or water. Pesticides can remain in the environment for a couple of days or for several years, triggering huge problems for our delicately well-balanced environment.
For example, pesticide use has actually been connected to dropping honeybee populations, which have been dropping by 29% -36% each year considering that 2006. Pesticide use is killing off other pollinators as well, consisting of butterflies and hummingbirds, and even lizards and little mammals.

Health Risks Associated with Pesticide Exposure

Any quantity of exposure, even tiny doses, can be hazardous to human advancement, recreation, and total health. The World Health Organization approximates there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning each year and as much as 220,00 deaths (mostly in developing countries).
Persistent pesticide direct exposure has been connected to specific persistent health concerns, including:.

Genetic modifications.
Blood conditions.
Nerve conditions.
Other short-term problems associated with pesticide exposure are:.

Skin and eye inflammation.
Even for animals, ingesting or direct exposure to pesticides can trigger problems ranging from fevers and throwing up to seizures and breathing failure.

With many negative health impacts and symptoms connected with pesticides, spraying these chemicals around your home to eliminate pests just isn’t worth it.

Can An Exterminator Really Be Eco-Friendly?

Picking the right pest control business is an important decision. You wish to make sure the business can efficiently handle your bug issue without bringing dangerous products into your house and property. Picking a pest control business that uses an environmentally friendly technique is always the best choice.

Can pest control specialists truly be environment-friendly? The response is a resounding YES.

Environmentally friendly pest control companies utilize products that make use of biological controls like scents, tastes, and oils integrated with more secure, greener chemicals. Here at EcoCare Pest Control, we use a specifically created treatment created to particularly target pests, while being totally safe for people and many animals.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods.

We’ve discussed how environmentally friendly pest control methods are safer for the environment and for people, however, there are additional reasons why utilizing a minimally-toxic pest control method is always the better choice.

Better (More Long-Term) Results.

Environment-friendly pest control techniques are just as efficient as standard strategies. In reality, they can even have much better long-lasting outcomes.

For instance, did you know that pests can establish a resistance to chemical control approaches? This resistance will be passed on to the offspring, making it that a lot more tough for eradicating a problem. Environmentally friendly solutions, however, make it much harder for bugs to establish a resistance to treatments.

Additionally, environmentally friendly pest control works to attend to the root of the issue, increasing your opportunities that you won’t have the same concern once again down the road.

Will Not Damage Landscaping.

Conventional pest control approaches need re-application on a monthly basis or so. Repeatedly spraying these extreme chemicals on your property is not just bad for your health, however, the health of your landscaping as well!

Toxic pest control methods often cause yard, bushes, and other plants to shrivel and die. Additionally, given that these chemicals can stay buried in your soil for a long period of time, you may find regrowth extremely hard.

Does Not Harm Useful Insects (Or Your Pets!).

Though you might not wish to confess, specific insects assist your home. While hazardous chemicals eliminate everything in their path, environmentally friendly pest control techniques are particularly targeted so regarding avoid exterminating every living organism.

This is specifically essential for your family pets. By using a minimally-toxic pest control, your canine or feline will not be at danger of ingesting hazardous (and possibly lethal) chemicals.

No Strong Smell.

Conventional items will stick around in the air after application. These products have a strong scent and leave you and your family being in a foul-smelling house, breathing in air laced with harmful chemicals. Environmentally friendly techniques, on the other hand, do not have an extreme smell and will not linger or spread out in your home.


Eco-Friendly Pest Control Bradenton

Other pest control approaches might need you to seal all your food, clear out your refrigerator, and leave your house overnight. Nevertheless, because environment-friendly pest control methods are minimally-toxic, you and your household don’t have to stress over “leaving” your house during treatment. Environment-friendly pest control will not interrupt your life at all.

Our Eco-Friendly Approach to Pest Control.

Considering that 2001, our group at Bye Bye Bugs Fl has been devoted to providing the very best eco-friendly and traditional pest control services to Bradenton and Sarasota homeowners. Our specially formulated environmentally friendly extermination approaches are 100% safe and effective.

We’re proud to use the best, most effective eco-friendly pest control services readily available … and we’ll always do it with a smile.


We offer Traditional and Eco-friendly solutions for Lakewood Ranch helping with all your residential needs. We protect your family from pest and the harmful pesticides.


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Eco-Friendly Pest Control

 eco-friendly pest control program was designed to control household pests without using harsh, synthetic chemicals. The program utilizes combination application methods, earth-based products, and specialized equipment used exclusively for the application of eco-friendly products. 

Traditional Pest Control

With traditional pest control programs, you’ll receive most of the benefits of a green program, but with the use of synthetic chemicals. These products are still applied using responsible techniques so that only a small amount of the chemicals are needed to target and control specific pests, preventing over-application and unnecessary chemical usage. Our traditional pest control program includes:

Roaches Ants Bees & Rodents

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