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Parrish Pest Control: Your home is your castle. Don’t let invaders take it over! And while there’s a world of difference between pests and pets, with some birds and mice – even spiders – that you might want to welcome into your home as pets. But there definitely are some that it might be better to show that to move on. Since 2000, Bye Bye Bugs Parrish Pest Control.  has identified and removed almost every pest imaginable across Manatee County. So we understand that when these unsavory critters enter your property, they can quickly turn your world upside down.

Birds roosting in your attic, bugs nesting in your walls, mice making homes in your kitchen cabinets, spiders stringing webs across your eaves: Bye Bye Bugs Pest Control will exterminate them from your home or business. Parrish Pest Control: We offer a year-round maintenance program that prevents pests from returning.


If you have pests on your property, we can eradicate them safely and swiftly. Bye, Bye Bugs Pest Control’s commercial pest elimination program is prepared and proven. From cockroaches to termites, to ants, to beetles, to birds, to rodents, to flying insects and more – just one call can keep them out for good.

Parrish Pest Control:
And we go beyond pests to provide unparalleled turf care services that continually brighten and pest-proof your surrounding grounds for a business that beckons employees and customers alike.
We take the time to understand your property and your industry’s unique pest control and grounds care needs and strive to always exceed your expectations.


Searching for a pest management company that cares about the environment as much as you do? Call Bye Bye Bugs Pest Control, an industry leader in forward-thinking pest solutions. Ecology-conscious pest management providers. Parrish Pest Control:
What’s the advantage of going with an ecology-conscious pest management professional? You can keep your commitment to your environmental standards. That feels good. At the same time, you’ll benefit from our extensive green knowledge. You’ll also benefit from the most effective methods and materials available. As with all Bye Bye Bugs services, come with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.


At Bye Bye Bugs, we care about the environment – from what’s in our streams and drinking water to what you, your family, your employees and even your pets are exposed. We keep you in mind, and we would like to share some simple, green solutions to help you lighten your environmental footprint and reduce pests.

Parrish Pest Control:

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Whether you are camping or just hosting a backyard barbecue, there always will be an ample amount of pests ready to nibble on your treats – or you. Here are some simple, environmentally friendly tips to keep those pests at bay.

A burning candle scented with essential oils not only makes a great centerpiece for your backyard barbecue, but it also sends pests packing for the night, or at least until the party is over.

By keeping frogs, dragonflies, ladybug beetles, spiders, praying mantises and crane flies outside of your home, you will help reduce the critter population since these predators will feed on insect pests.

Use beneficial pests to keep your roses healthy: Ladybug beetles and lacewings feast on aphids, and they can be purchased at your local nursery and hardware stores.


Imagine sitting down with your family for a Saturday afternoon lunch. You hear a buzz. Then, touchdown! You notice something has landed on that wonderfully prepared meal. Could it be an annoying housefly? Instead of reflexively grabbing that can of bug spray, try these safe and natural tips for flies, ants and fleas.


Prevention is key. First, make sure your window and door screens are free of holes and gaps that allow flies to enter. Keep food and condiments covered.
Flyswatters can eliminate flies and give you a little exercise. Just be sure to watch out for anything breakable when you swat.
You can dry and wrap organic garbage in old newspapers before you place it in your trash receptacle. Doing this will reduce those unwanted visitors. Make sure your trash container has a properly fitting lid, which will deter flies.
A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. During the heavy fly season, give your kitchen a thorough wipe down with pine oil cleaner. Pine oil is a natural fly repellent.


Remove the source! Ants have a sweet tooth. By removing empty soda cans and bottles, as well as candy wrappers, you can reduce household ants. Children and pets may drop particles of food, which also will attract ants. So give your floors – carpeted and non-carpeted – a quick daily vacuum.
Also, be sure to wipe down those counters. Ants are attracted to organic matter, and particles of food left out on a kitchen counter will attract them.
If you see a trail of marching ants, follow them to the source. Watch where they come from and where they are going. After establishing their destinations, follow these simple instructions:

1. Fill a bowl with soapy water (usually dish detergent does the trick), dip a sponge into the mixture and wipe up the ants from point A to point B. After you have wiped up most of the ants, place a teaspoon or so of soap into a plastic spray bottle filled with water, and finish them off.
2. Ant scouts will seek out food, and they leave a pheromone trail for all their sisters to follow. By using this green tip, you’ll be breaking that invisible chemical trail and cutting off the ants’ food source.


Fleas prefer to enter your home on your pets, Trojan-horse style. For each flea hitchhiking on your pet, there Maybe more in your pet’s environment, including inside your home. Instead of grabbing a can of bug spray, try these safe and environmentally sound alternatives:

Citrus contains a natural flea deterrent. By pouring a cup of boiling water over a sliced, scored lemon, the skin will release more citrus oil. And in this case, more is better. Let the mixture soak overnight, and sponge it on your dog or cat to kill fleas instantly:

Trap fleas in your home using a wide, shallow pan half-filled with soapy water. Place the pan on the floor and shine a lamp over the water. Fleas are attracted to heat and will jump to the source and land in the water. The liquid detergent breaks the surface’s tension, preventing the flea from bouncing out.

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We offer Traditional and Eco-friendly solutions for Parrish helping with all your residential needs. We protect your family from pest and the harmful pesticides.


Our Commercial Pest Management system provides Traditional and Eco-friendly services for Parrish commercial properties and industrial complexes.


Reasonably priced and effective customized treatments. Locally owned and family operated. Free-Estimates.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

 Eco-friendly pest control program was designed to control household pests without using harsh, synthetic chemicals. The program utilizes combination application methods, earth-based products, and specialized equipment used exclusively for the application of eco-friendly products. 

Traditional Pest Control

With traditional pest control programs, you’ll receive most of the benefits of a green program, but with the use of synthetic chemicals. These products are still applied using responsible techniques so that only a small amount of the chemicals are needed to target and control specific pests, preventing over-application and unnecessary chemical usage. Our traditional pest control program includes:

Roaches Ants Bees & Rodents

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